MCIT® business started in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the year 1999 as a small individually owned business focused on Comm & IT business research and development. It has since grown and developed into a closed joint stock company in the year 2020.

The company is well demonstrating its administrative, technical and financing capabilities in successfully delivering hundreds of projects of procurement, development, and operation & maintenance nature to many of its satisfied government and private sector clients all over the Kingdom. Topped with Tier-1 classification on Electronic Projects issued the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in 2018, the company is well positioned to compete for major government projects of any size. It is competitively offering its products and services and continually working to improve its position into the market. In 2016, MCIT® received HP Saudi Arabia and Middle East top sales performance award.

Some past notable projects include: The development of the first Credit Bureau in the Kingdom in 2002; The establishment of the first PMI based IT Project Management Office for the Ministry of Communications and IT in 2007; The supply of IT Equipment and Manpower to all National Guard Hospitals since 2007; and the supply of IT Datacenter Software and Equipment for the first Center of Disease Control in 2010. Many other notable projects were delivered to King Faisal Specialty Hospital and Research Center, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Justice in almost every city and town in the Kingdom.

MCIT® proudly have its own well developed suite of enterprise scale eCommerce software solutions that can enable and serve all commercial and operational aspects of the eCommerce business cycle for major retailers who wants to launch their own eCommerce channels successfully. Our solution features do compete and exceed the features found in the systems used by the world top eCommerce players. The solutions were built and tested using the most advanced open source software technologies in the cloud based environments.

The company scope of business is its articles of association:

1 Wholesale and retail trading in Computer and Communications' devices, equipment, software and networks, and mobile devices and accessories.

2 Development and Maintenance of ERP, eCommerce, and Customized Software.

3 Systems, Products and Services for Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Drones.

4 Development, Maintenance, and Operation of Websites and Cloud based solutions

5 Information Technology Services, Technical Support, and Call Centers

6 eCommerce and Market Place sales and of all commercial goods and services; including all related services of collection, shipping, and delivery to offices and homes inside and outside the Kingdom.

7 Electronics Projects Work, Maintenance and Operations.

8 IT Projects Work, Maintenance and Operations.