Information technology expenditures by the Kingdom’s main markets has reached 45 billion riyals in the year 2020. Government expenditures grew from 5 to 7 billion and expected to continue grow even faster in the coming years as IT plays an integral part in the delivery of many ambitious Vision 2030 realization projects.

The company looks forward to contributing effectively in offering the best products and services that meet the requirements of this stage of national development. The company's objectives from the beginning was and still is to focus on the segment of large enterprise clients in both of the public and private sectors. The company is currently working on developing its business and benefiting from its previous experiences and current resources to increase its market share form targeted customer segments ad to focus on marketing and upselling the products and services within the scope of company's main activities.

The company's clients list includes many major government agencies such as National Guard Health Affairs, King Saud University for Health Sciences, Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, and others.... It is always keen on earning its clients satisfaction and loyalty of, and its reputation and professionalism has earned it many new clients by existing clients referrals.

Client relationship is managed by dedicated account managers who works in cooperation with the company partners in serving the company clients, in response to their existing requirements and to marketing new products and solutions. The company handle RFP requests from the government sector through the government's Eitmad platform for tenders and direct purchases and directly through vision realization offices. Personalized and professional communication with all clients conducted at all stages, starting from pre-sales consultations and support, and all remaining phases of the sales cycle, from award to implementation, and after that, while providing after-sales support and maintenance services. The company is working on developing and providing its services through a unified service center to serve clients of operation and maintenance projects, direct sales clients and e-store clients before and after sales through phone, e-mail and social media communication.