The company's marketing and sales objectives focus on offerings that meet its customer demands in the first place. Based on identified current and future needs of the company clients, the company continually work with its international partners to meet those demands within the scope of the company main business activities. Most of these partnerships started many years ago and were continuously developed and strengthen over the years. Some partnerships gets positively boosted in correlation with increased number of joint projects from time to time.

Among the company's most important partners that it currently deals with or has dealt with over the past few years, are HP, Oracle, DELL/EMC, Unisys, Cisco, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Microsoft. All of these partnerships are not exclusive, but vary in the level of partnerships according to the program used to classify the partnerships by each company, which mainly depends on the extent of joint commitments and the achievement of common goals in the annual sales volumes. In 2016, the company earned the first place sales award among all HP partners in the Kingdom and the Middle East.

Based on the level of partnership and the size of the targeted customer projects, proposals project-specific specifications and prices gets drafted and put together in in direct cooperation with the international partners and service providers. Even though the actual supply takes place directly or through their authorized distributors in the Kingdom which the company do also have other parallel agreements. The distribution companies involvement mainly in the physical shipping and logistics operations and conduction of the final sale transactions. The company has relationships and financial facilities with many international distributors located in the Kingdom, including Redington, IngramMicro, Logicom, Mindware and Metra.

The company also do direct imports from abroad for some products required by some projects that does not have an agent or local distributor. The company has previously imported many products and services from USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, UAE, Singapore, India and China.